The Daily Bauble

Day 137: Fly, fly away

{at home, wishing for sunny days to return} These clip American vintage earrings are gems – really.  They’re super-lightweight and very easy to wear.  Plus they have a fun sparkle.  I bought them because they look like beautiful wings, which are symbolic for me, as someone who is either traveling or fantasizing about traveling.  Traveling…

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Day 136: Garden Party

My parents have been visiting Hamburg, so I’ve been preoccupied for the last couple days and thus not posting.  But I have been showing off my jewelry wardrobe, so there are plenty of pics to come! {home after dinner and drinks out} So, this was last Friday night’s ensemble. It seemed perfect for a warm…

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Day 135: Gold souls

{after-dinner treat} Scene: 8:30pm, the Italian cappuccino/ice cream counter a block from our apartment.   On my ipad case, from left: gold hoop earrings (from high school? college?); gold vintage (tassel!) necklace; Limoges necklace featuring Limoges porcelain pendants (a gift from our French exchange student in the 1990s). Dress from Target; Zara sweater; Calvin Klein…

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