création à Paris

It’s a chilly but partly-sunny Sunday in Paris….my boyfriend is out of town, stores are closed….what am I going to do?! As you know, I LOVE local markets.  And there was one that I had seen signs for, but never visited, so I biked over to the nearby Marché de la Création, near Gare Montparnasse in…

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my walls are screaming

…for help.  I’ve been trying really hard to get some personality into our apartment.  I’ve hesitated more than usual because we don’t know how much longer we’ll be living here.  Thus, no painting the walls.  Which is devastating to me.  In NYC, my living room was a desert rose color (yes, that’s a deep pink!),…

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one fine bâtiment

As I was rushing from my new office to the métro, I caught sight of a gorgeous flower box on someone’s balcon.  As my eyes moved across the rest of the façade, I was a bit in awe.  This ‘average’ apartment bâtiment (building), constructed in 1911, has gorgeous ornamentation and statues embellishing many of the…

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