Winter Scavengers: Hamburg’s Indoor Flea Markets

As one would expect of a major-ish city in Europe, Hamburg hosts a variety of flea markets throughout the year.  Having lived in Paris for a couple of years, and being a flea/antique market devotee, I can tell you that pickins’ are comparatively slim here in northern Germany.  But that hasn’t stopped me from hitting…

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Northern Grade pop-up shop

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to attend my first Northern Grade show in Minneapolis.  Northern Grade is a pop-up shop for men’s heritage brands – J.W. Hulme, Pierrepont Hicks, Duluth Pack, Red Wing Shoes, and many more. When I arrived and saw where the event is held – at Architectural Antiques –…

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Junk Bonanza is here!

I rarely do this, but for today’s blog, I’m posting a link to one of my other blogs, The Occasional Saler.  I’ll think you’ll appreciate the photos of the Junk Bonanza event that’s going on here in the Twin Cities…. Check out a preview of the great vintage finds at Junk Bonanza here! À demain, k.

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