Cool Idea: Protect Plants from Pets…Beautifully…

I have two cats.  Two cats who LOVE to eat plants.  Unfortunately, they throw up EVERY SINGLE TIME they eat plants.  So it’s not a good situation for the cats, or for we humans who have to clean up the vomit.  I’ve tried everything to keep them out of the foliage – putting a little…

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Flirtatious Friday

It’s the end of the week and I just couldn’t resist posting this photo of one of my cats.  Check out that come-hither look and alluring pose!  Many of us could take a lesson in seduction from her… Happy Friday! À lundi, k.

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Dressing for (Christmas) dinner

Since I’ve been living in Paris, my cats have been staying with my parents in Minnesota.  Naturally, when I come back to my parents’ house, I’m thrilled to see my sweet little felines. This year, I decided it would be fun (for us humans, at least) to dress them up for Christmas.  Well, it was…

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