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Los Angeles

Getty Center Glimmer

I was surprised to find such classic art work in LA.  Los Angeles seems like such a new city that I think of modern or contemporary art.  I was shocked to find classic art (pre-1900) in the Getty and to find out that John Paul Getty, the founder of the museum, didn’t like modern art.…

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My little Kalinger girl

Kalinger is one of my favorite vintage jewelry brands.  I recently discovered that it’s also a summer fruit drink in India.  Who knew?  Anyway, I’ve managed to collect a necklace and I believe 3 or 4 pairs of 1980s Kalinger earrings.  I say 3 or 4 because I’m still unpacking my jewelry from last year’s…

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Santa Monica on my mind

{Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade} Dipping my toe in the water of blogging again {smile, wink}.   We knew that moving from northern Germany to Southern California would be a huge shift.  But you never think about how long that transition might take in your head.  My husband and I still feel like we’re on…

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