Jewelry from Paris

Jacky de G vintage + a vintage faux pearl “collar” necklace

{Hearts a’glow!  vintage faux-pearl collar necklace & Jacky de G vintage earrings} This week I pulled out some earrings that I wear fairly often and paired them with a necklace that I almost never wear.   A collar of (faux) pearls is certainly a bit dramatic, but not too difficult to work into my wardrobe.…

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Week 1: Unearthing my jewelry collection

Here it is!  The all-new jewelry project.  Maybe I should call it “Where in the world did that piece come from?!”  I don’t know, we’ll see.  For now it’s “Week One of the all-new jewelry project.” At any rate, I selected a piece today from one of my favorite jewelry shops in the world.  IN…

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Day 111: Idle Heart

{communing with our paintings} As all of our lovely pieces of art sit on the floor, I’m continuing to work on our apartment – painting the office, putting together shelving in our bedroom…thus why I’m not updating as often as usual :( This heart necklace is a silver metal piece that – if I remember…

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