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Jewelry from Minneapolis

Jacky de G vintage + a vintage faux pearl “collar” necklace

{Hearts a’glow!  vintage faux-pearl collar necklace & Jacky de G vintage earrings} This week I pulled out some earrings that I wear fairly often and paired them with a necklace that I almost never wear.   A collar of (faux) pearls is certainly a bit dramatic, but not too difficult to work into my wardrobe.…

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Day 139: Nothing Byzantine about these (earrings)

{Saturday afternoon at Sant’Apollinare in Classe, Italy} Visiting Ravenna with friends from the area, I sported a very modern take on jewelry (golden paper clip-looking earrings from a northern Minnesota flea market), which were a perfect juxtaposition to the Catholic church Byzantine church. -k.

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Day 137: Fly, fly away

{at home, wishing for sunny days to return} These clip American vintage earrings are gems – really.  They’re super-lightweight and very easy to wear.  Plus they have a fun sparkle.  I bought them because they look like beautiful wings, which are symbolic for me, as someone who is either traveling or fantasizing about traveling.  Traveling…

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