In praise of ‘junk’

I normally wouldn’t refer to anything in my possession as “junk”, but these are, well, er, kind-of junky. I’m not 100% sure where I bought them (yes, I paid money for them!), but I’m pretty sure it was a flea market near my parents’ cabin in northern Minnesota.   I also found some fabulous, exquisitely…

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Memories made by hand

Katherine Ainsworth

Last weekend my husband and daughter and I drove down to check out the South Bay.  (Do I sound like a Los Angeleno yet??)  We tried to go to “downtown” Hermosa Beach, but that was a disaster.  We decided to go at the last minute, thus failing to research our trip, only to arrive and find all of…

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Week 1: Unearthing my jewelry collection

Here it is!  The all-new jewelry project.  Maybe I should call it “Where in the world did that piece come from?!”  I don’t know, we’ll see.  For now it’s “Week One of the all-new jewelry project.” At any rate, I selected a piece today from one of my favorite jewelry shops in the world.  IN…

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