A laugh for Friday

As seen in: a Home Depot Parking Lot,  June 2012: (License plates covered to protect the guilty.) If not a laugh, I hope this at least brought a smile to your face.  Or made you snort in disgust. Bon weekend! À lundi, k.

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guess who’s coming to dinner

As sort-of a follow-up to my Christmas Eve post “Dressing for dinner”, I couldn’t resist including this amusing incident on the blog. My boyfriend and I decided to eat dinner out last night, and we decided on one of our favorite cafés in our old ‘hood in the 15th arrondissement, Le Commerce Café.  As we…

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Laugh of the Week: Truth in Advertising

BIMBO.  Yes, this is a store in Brussels.  Europeans love using English in store names, brand names, advertising….but maybe this shop owner should have used a French-English dictionary?!?  And a first: a woman in the shop (I’m assuming the owner) came out and told me that I couldn’t take pictures of the store front (I…

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