a special occasion

Shabby Chic Vignette

I’ve mentioned “occasional sales” in a couple of blogs now, so here’s the deal with them: they’re AWESOME.  As long as you’re into that kind of thing.  Which I am.  Very much. I had never even heard of occasional sales until about a year when my mom took me to one in South Minneapolis.  I…

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Book some more ideas

Wouldn’t you know it?  No sooner did I post Tuesday’s blog than I wandered into J.Crew and found yet another use books… Then, while cruising “occasional sales” (more on in a future post) here in the far suburbs of Minneapolis, I came across a few other variations: Then, I was reading through Flea Market Style…

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book it!

So I’ve noticed an interesting trend in home décor recently – books.  They’re not being used in the way one would think (or I would think, at least).  I was just in Restoration Hardware, and I couldn’t resist taking some shots (hopefully unnoticed) with my iPhone while I was walking through: I applaud creativity and…

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