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Gothic Chic

I was out doing my ‘occasional saling’ (be sure to check out my blog: The Occasional Saler!) last weekend, and I found this little vignette at the Second Hand Rose sale. It reminded me of gothic décor from Belgium or the Netherlands: the heavy, dark chest, gilt frames, brass candlesticks, a cross. I love it…

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Pic of the Day: Farm Chic Storage

It’s Friday, so I’m keeping this sweet & simple.  While checking out an occasional sale recently, I saw something rather genius.  I have to tell you, these occasional sale ladies do an incredible job with their displays, so I see great ideas all the time – which I will continue to share. This Pic of…

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Flowers for a Friday!

Ah, the week has gotten away from me! Remember this great Czech tea set that I bought a few months ago at a Paris brocante? Well, I haven’t used it to make tea yet, but it did come in handy today.  I bought tulips, one of my favorite flowers, but got home and couldn’t find…

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