sherbet color homes

Being from the North, where unusually colored houses, anything other than white, grey or beige, just look crazy, I love that in the South, fun-colored houses look classy and fabulous.  Just a few examples from New Orleans: À bientôt, k.

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Part Deux: Saintes, France

Happy Monday! After leaving you in Saintes on Friday, we’re going to extend our visit for another day.  I can’t resist posting photos of the medieval cathedral, Saint-Pierre. I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of Saintes.  If you’re traveling in the area, it’s worth a visit.  I hear that during the summer the town is…

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A Look Back: Mystery in Saintes, France

Taking a walk down memory lane, or, well, looking back through iPhoto, I came across a ton of material that I meant to blog about, but never got around to it.  So I thought I’d share some inspiration from our trip to Saintes, France.  My boyfriend and I stopped in this smallish town of about…

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