Bourbon Chase, Day 2: My first leg!

It’s late in Day 2 of the Bourbon Chase and I’m finally running my first leg – 5.8 miles.  And let me tell you, as prepared as I thought I was, it was brutal.  Although I trained up to 10 miles, I failed to consider the rolling hills of Kentucky into my training regime.  It was also over 70 degrees and the sun was beating down.

But the scenery was pleasant…..

bucolic farm land

a Mexican restaurant (?!)


FINALLY at the top of a gigantic hill

flat ground, with horses to admire across the highway  – yay!

a stream runs through it

getting closer to the hand-off point

1 mile to go!!

home stretch

still in the home stretch

a mere 50 yards from finishing the leg!

moving into the night shift

meat, anyone?

night running..

More to come….

À demain,


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