Bourbon Chase: Day 1, Pre-race – Mexican dinner in the ‘burbs of Louisville

I did a really cool thing last weekend: I ran in the Bourbon Chase relay from Louisville to Lexington, Kentucky.  It was brutal and fun.  (Maybe that’s fair descriptor of life, too?)  Even with my misgivings at the time (horrible stomach cramps, lack of showering, lack of sleep), I would do it again.

When I signed up for the race a few months ago, I had a few specific reasons for doing it:

1) It pushed me out of my “comfort zone”  (“living” in a van with 5 strangers/new friends and running repeatedly without showering are not in my usual program).

2) It forced me to get back into running more than 3 miles.

3) As I’m still relatively new here in the Twin Cities, I jumped at the chance to meet people with a shared passion (running!).

4) It was a sneaky way to travel and see a part of the country that I didn’t know.  (Although it was really a working vacation ; )


As not to bore you with dozens of photos all at once, I’ll tell this story over the course of a few days.

This is, of course, DAY 1:

Not wanting a sugary drink, I opted for a Corona Lite.  I took the photo because I couldn’t believe how cheap it was – less than $3!!!

24 hours before race time: beer + chips

Dinner of champions?  No carb loading here.

In retrospect, Mexican probably wasn’t the best meal to prepare for a challenging run the next afternoon.  But hey, I didn’t choose it, so c’est la vie.  (Breakfast the next morning were eggs, grits and a biscuit at Cracker Barrel.)

À demain,


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