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So I’ve noticed an interesting trend in home décor recently – books.  They’re not being used in the way one would think (or I would think, at least).  I was just in Restoration Hardware, and I couldn’t resist taking some shots (hopefully unnoticed) with my iPhone while I was walking through:

books as packages ("all tied up with string"!)

book rolls (or logs?) placed in a rectangular dish

book rolls in large bowls placed on scroll-bottomed tables (I do love the tables.)

in a similar vein, these are steel dumbbells adorning old newspapers

newspapers (could use book pages) as mini rolls (or kindling). --sorry for the overexposed photo!

and a perennial favorite, wrapped books

I applaud creativity and “reclaiming”, or finding new uses for objects, and appreciate these displays, I couldn’t help thinking of my father as I was taking in all of these re-styled books.  My father is a true bibliophile, owning over 10,000 books and having read each and every one of them (plus more).  I think he would literally faint if he saw books being used for anything except reading!

Although I generally don’t like furniture chains, I do really like Restoration Hardware’s style – at least its current ‘deconstructed/industrial’ look, especially the Versailles Domed Burlap-Backed chairs, French Library Shelving and Printmaker’s Sideboard (could be good for storing lots of jewelry!).  Unfortunately, these pieces are totally out of my budget.  And since I’m living with my parents for a while, I don’t need any furniture (unless it’s for my “home”office)!

À bientôt,


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