Art + Design Élysées

One thing that I absolutely love about Paris is all of the events that happen in the city – “pop-up” art shows, artisanal jewelry and clothing sales!!

Yesterday I stopped by the Art Élysées//Design Élysées modern and contemporary art/design show that was going on this past weekend, held along the Champs-Élysées near the famous Place de la Concorde.

First of all, I liked the simple but bold design of event promotion:






And there were interesting pieces inside,as well.  Of course I didn’t dare take photos in the show, but here are works from the galleries exhibiting at this modern and contemporary art and design extravaganza:

Keith Haring, December 1, 1981. Photo: Galerie Vintage

Jean-Louis Kolb painting. photo: Galerie Capazza

Bernard Buffet "Fruits dans un compotier", 1950. Photo: Galerie des Modernes.

Thanh Chuong, 1948.  Photo: Pierre & Francois Fine Art

Thanh Chuong, 1948. Photo: Pierre & Francois Fine Art

Jacques Tissinier enamel table, 1973. Photo: Galerie Avril

Louis Durot "Aspirale Chair". Photo: Galerie Mandalian Paillard


Hope you’ve had a chance to see some great modern art lately!

À bientôt,



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