Antwerp, the overview

So, my first visit to the fashion capital (it’s true!) of Antwerp was fantastic!  Why is it a fashion capital, you ask?  Because it’s home to the Antwerp 6!  I won’t get into their story until my next post.  For now, an overview of my weekend in the city.

The first thing I did when I hit town on Friday morning was to check out the Mode Museum (or MoMu, as it’s called).  On show were the works of Walter Van Beirendonck, one of the Antwerp 6, and current head of the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Arts.  A few inspirations:


“Shoot the Moon, Shoot the Sun, Be a Star” – indeed!

Another tongue-in-cheek quote.

So this is Walter’s collection of small figures.  It honestly makes me feel not so weird for all of the stuff that I collect….

bracelets that look like watches – awesome!  Frankly, they’re just cool-looking.  (And for sale at the Museum for 95 euros each!)



After the MoMu and a healthy lunch (no chocolate or fries until evening!), I headed to another ‘cool’ neighborhood, the Kloosterstraat.  It’s the home of several concept stores (YOUR, Ra13) as well as antiques and vintage furniture and collectibles of all kinds.  And some other funky stores.

outdoor art!!

and on the other gate!

vintage/antiques/collectibles/cool stuff to buy!!


a random art installation?  someone left his or her purple chair collection outside?

the hub for western (U.S. wester) and biker in Antwerp….

one of the most clever things I’ve seen: this company’s “signage” (contact info, opening hours, etc) is typed out on the white paper in the typewriter!  (sorry, the picture isn’t great and it’s into direct sun.)

my favorite, almost sickeningly-sweet Belgian beer: Kriek.

On Sunday morning, we walked through the bird market.



Later on, at the Plantin-Moretus Museum, which is the site of one of the first publishing houses in the world.  It’s worth a visit just to see the gorgeous 500+ year old Flemish house!

I have no idea what this is, but it’s the kind of kooky thing that I’d love to have hanging in my home!

my DREAM OFFICE: huge work table, intimate but not too tight, an oriental rug, a fireplace, a chandelier, natural light and in pink, no less!

Public art!

And near the train station:

Check out that vibrant wall.  Really brightens up an otherwise dull neighborhood!

And across the street, more colorful touches give this drab office building some interest.

…and then it was off to catch an evening train back to Paris!

Tune in Thursday for more on the fashion scene in Antwerp….

À jeudi,


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    […] You can see Walter Van Beirendonck‘s work on one of my blog postings from earlier this week. […]

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