Antwerp: the goods (or, what i bought)

As a pro shopper, of course I enjoyed my birthday weekend in Antwerp.  So here is the final installment in my Antwerp series: the jewels.

First, I stopped at Manuel, where I found TONS of pieces I liked, including some by Carlo Zini – those were a bit out of my price range, but I found these fun little danglers by a French designer:


I also found these stunners by American brand Extasia.  They look almost exactly like a pair I got a few years ago in Marrakech except for the figure carved into the glass!


Coincidentally, I got an email from (one of my favorite shopping sites in the US) featuring cameo bracelets.  Reminded me of my lovely new earrings…


And this cool pair from the 1970s I got at a vintage store specializing in all things Art Deco.


And finally, I found this stunning necklace in a Chinese import shop.  I really hesitated before buying it because on the one hand, I think it’s sacrilige to buy something so specific to a particular culture in another part of the world.  On the other hand, I’ve always wanted an vintage (antique?) Central Asian ceremonial necklace and they’re not easy to come by – so why not get it when & where you see it?  So I did!


And that concludes the shopping that I did in Antwerp (except for chocolates, of course!).  I would have loved some Dries duds, but I’ll have to wait until they go on sale this winter, I guess.

Alors, à la prochaine,


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