2015 Accolades + New in 2016!

Welcome back!  In this, my first post of the new year, I have a couple of fun things to share.

{Remember this?  There’s more to come!}


If you’ve followed my blogs over the last couple of years, you’ll remember my 2012-2013 feature (now incorporated into this blog) called “The Daily Bauble.”  I am excited to tell you that it has been named one of the sixty best jewelry blogs on the web by industry website Beyond4Cs and I’ve been deemed one of “12 Jewelry Bloggers You’ll Want to Follow” by online jewelry boutique Love & Pieces!  Wow!  Coolio!  Thank you!

And on to my announcement.  It’s not a fireworks-covering-the-sky type thing, but I’m pretty excited.  Taking inspiration from The Daily Bauble, next week I’m kicking off a similar weekly series.  I’ll pick a different piece of jewelry every week throughout 2016, wear it, and post the photo on my Instagram account (@onestylishlife).  Perhaps most fun, I’ll tell you the story of how and wear (ha ha, where) I found it.  With me, there’s always a story!

This gem story starts next week.  Tune in!




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