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Think Pink!

Katherine Ainsworth

For this week’s challenge, I didn’t go vintage.  I went with a piece that I collected on one of my buying trips to Istanbul (back when I had my jewelry business, gitane NYC).  I love this necklace because it pairs a jewelry staple – pearls – with something more daring, namely a gold metal pendant…

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One Fine Day in Paris

It’s been a loooong time since I last blogged.  In my absence from blogging, I’ve grown increasingly self-critical about my writing, so I’m not going to overthink this post.  I’ve chosen an easy topic for myself: showcasing someone else’s gorgeous work.  Looking back through my archive (iPhoto), I came across these lovely photos taken in…

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Day 22: Seeing Silver in Red

<<originally published October 8, 2012>> {going through the mail} Afghan silver metal necklace bought in Istanbul.  Brass, silver and copper earrings by C.J. McFall Art Jewelry.  Sterling silver and copper bracelets by Katherine Ainsworth. Silver tissue silk top bought in Buenos Aires; black linen shorts from The Limited; headband and watch from Target. -k.

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