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Week 1: Unearthing my jewelry collection

Here it is!  The all-new jewelry project.  Maybe I should call it “Where in the world did that piece come from?!”  I don’t know, we’ll see.  For now it’s “Week One of the all-new jewelry project.” At any rate, I selected a piece today from one of my favorite jewelry shops in the world.  IN…

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Day 90: Domestic Bliss II, Hamburg

{another day, another dish} This is another beautiful Césarée Paris piece that I got on my trip a few weeks ago.  I like the purply-pinkish stones, of course, but also the chunky metal pieces.  With the exception of pierced earrings, I like my jewelry with some heft to it – seems more significant, more “real.”…

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Day 87: Waterways of Hamburg + (more) Césarée

{outside the office of our apartment management company. not a bad spot!} Surprise, I’m not in Amsterdam or Bruges – it’s Hamburg!  I never knew until I visited, but the city has quite a series of canals running through it.  Makes for some very picturesque side streets!  And if it looks like a dark, grey…

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